Sometimes all you need is a helping hand.

Running a business can be challenging. I’ve experienced it myself during my product entrepreneurial journey, so I know exactly how it feels. Especially, if you don’t consider yourself very techy, things like building your website can be time consuming and overwhelming!

I’m on a mission to change that!

I often hear other women say “I’d like to build my website but I’m not good with tech!”, “I wouldn’t even know where to start!”, “I had a go but I found it so confusing!”

So let me guide you through. With my simple, step by step, DIY course, created specifically to remove the overwhelm, you will discover how to make your own efficient website. I want to help you realise that you can do what you thought was impossible!

The course covers everything you need to build a clear and effective website, including branding and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Plus, you get my support in a Facebook Group for 7 weeks!

So are you ready to build your first website without an ovewhelm?